Sunday, January 1

About Us

What Is SATG About?

Did you know that an average man spends at least 4 hours in front of the television watching some sort of athletic event?

Sports According To Girl is made for all the ladies out there, so you can spend that extra 4 hours cuddled with your husbands, fiances, or boyfriends… joining the action and have the same enthusiasm about what’s going on. (Plus sexy points for wowing your man’s friends because you totally called that offside before the referee did.)

SATG was born out of a girl's passion about sports and her devotion to educating other sisters about it. (She also had this crazy notion that she can write about sports just as well as the boys could.)

Our mission is to empower women about confidently talking about, watching, and analyzing sports. You also get free lessons on the beautiful art of sports heckling AKA trash talking. :) In the interest of fairness, as we don't really want you actually penetrate deep enough into the 'bro' territory to a point of no return, we occasionally post things about cute basketball players and even hotter footballers.

Trust me when we say, your estrogen is safe with us.

 Who Are We?

Erwilyn Lei Solito, or simply Lei, is a 20-something girly girl who, somewhere along the line, became more interested in NBA Trading Cards than Polly Pocket. She started SATG with hopes of getting her girl friends interested in sports because it really is sad not being able to talk with them about how cute Brian Scalabrine is on the court. And no, she doesn't mean physically.

When she was little, her father occasionally brought her to the Big Dome to watch Ginebra play. That's where she learned how to cuss in a pretty pink Sunday dress her mother insisted on letting her wear when going to basketball games. Follow her on Twitter.

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